Hard Work Realized

Northstar Blues Exchange 2013 in Minneapolis, MN

Northstar Blues Exchange 2013 in Minneapolis, MN

Sometimes it seems I’m out here on my own – coordinating workshops/lessons, creating and maintaing the website and being the go to person for MadCity Blues. But then I have an inspiring moment and realize it’s all worth it. 

On a nice night in July, I was out with some of the MadCity Blues members to hear and dance to live music. It turned out to be great weather for dancing outside. The rain had subsided and the temps were cooler. Sprecher’s outdoor patio was packed; the Cash Box Kings were amazing as usual. Our group of dancers found a nice spot near the front/off to the side of the band to stash our personal belongings and our beverages. We alternated dancing together, socializing and listening to the band. During the first band break, a woman I had never met came up to me and introduced herself. It turns out that she and her husband (also there that night) had just relocated to Madison and had been told by folks in their home dance scene that I was the person to talk to about Blues dancing in Madison. How flattering! I knew the person who had directed them to me and it was nice to know that person has high opinion of me and what I’m doing for Blues dancing here. The woman and I talked for almost the whole band break. I enjoy hearing people’s history of how they started dancing and their experiences in the dance world. The most rewarding part was her telling me that she and her husband had found our website and Facebook group (the power of social media!). It was GREAT to realize that all of these things I work hard on to promote and connect the group are paying off! People actually use the calendar on the website and the Facebook group posts to know what is going on and participate. WIN!

Although it sometimes feels a thankless job, when I have an encounter like last night or an MCB member takes the time to tell me they appreciate the opportunities I’ve organized I realize how much I love helping this Blues scene find it’s footing.

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