MadCity Blues offers a variety of instruction: one-off lessons, Blues bootcamps and workshop series. We strive to build our scene through a quality foundation in Blues fundamentals, aesthetic and technique. But ofcourse we also want to have a great time doing so. Above all, we want our students to have fun while learning a thing or two.


Local Instruction

Angie Fadness, Madison WI
Instructor, Organizer, Performer, Social Dancer
A dancer her whole life, Angie has studied, danced and performed many different dance styles. When she attended BluesSHOUT Chicago, she fell in love with blues dancing. Since then, she’s been traveling the country to various blues events, learning from respected instructors and working hard on her blues dancing. Angie is inspired when she sees her students enjoying themselves while simultaneously improving their dancing.

Jason Stitt, Madison WI
Instructor, Social Dancer
Jason is constantly learning more about blues dancing and partner dancing in general, and is excited to share that with others. He brings an analytical mind to dancing and teaching but believes in learning to dance by feel and enjoying the music and connection. He’s drawn to blues dancing for its music, improvisation, and community.


Teaching Partners

Jamison Valenta, Baltimore, MD (formerly Chicago IL)
Instructor, Organizer, Social Dancer, Good Snuggler
Jamison loves just about everything about blues dancing. The music, dancing, dejaying, instructors, dancers, relationships, and the constant need to improve himself and those who are willing to work hard around him. He has been dancing for a while now, and is super excited to get to help Angie out in Madison and get to know the crew there better.
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Guest Instructors

A variety of regional and national-level instructors have visited Madison to teach and help our scene thrive:

Damon Stone, St. Paul MN
Instructor, Social Dancer, Blues Historian
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Ruby Red, Chicago IL
Instructor, Organizer, Performer, Bad-Ass Social Dancer
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John Joven, New York, NY (formerly Chicago, IL)
Instructor, Organizer, Performer, Social Dancer

Anna Washenko, New York, NY (formerly Chicago, IL)
Instructor, Organizer, Performer, Social Dancer
Anna has been dancing in some way, shape, or form for most of her life. From her initial ballerina dreams to tapping up a storm in high school musical theater, she just loves to move it, move it. Body control and solo movement are her fortes as a dancer and instructor; she was once addressed at a dance event as “oh, you’re the one with the hips.” Be ready to work your body and brain in her classes!

Ted Maddry, San Francisco, CA
Instructor, Organizer, Performer, Social Dancer
As a teacher, Ted Maddry has helped thousands of students improve their dancing and sometimes even their lives. In his classes, he will challenge you to develop dance technique, experiment and take risks in your dancing all the while maintaining a comfortable & entertaining classroom environment. Ted is also the Ringleader of Beyond Blues, a cornerstone of Blues Dance in San Francisco. Ted actively works with a great team to spread his love of Blues Dance around the Bay Area and to develop Camp Blues as the very best way to learn social dance quickly.
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