Our Crew

MadCity Blues is a burgeoning scene. We are small but determined to grow Blues in the Madison dance community. Right now we organize lessons and/or workshops to introduce more folks to the fun that is Blues dancing. We also try to keep folks informed of weekly/monthly Blues music events in both Madison and the surrounding region. We use these events to go out social dancing to practice our skills. And lastly, but very importantly, we also throw a pretty rockin’ house party from time to time.

We could always use more volunteers. Some areas we could use help in:

Do you have a lot of blues music and could put together a playlist to help dj one of our events? A one hour set is about 15-16 songs, depending on their length. If you dj for MCB, we ask you to be there no later than 15 minutes prior to your shift. We like our blues music to be mostly traditional blues. Its cool if a few funk, soul or jazz songs make it in..but please keep your sets to 85-90% trad blues and 10-15% other. For example with 16 songs – 13-14 of them should be traditional blues. We like to look at first time dj set lists in advance. If we are at an event where we take money, then we try to pay our djs for their time. 

Beginner Instructor Trainees:
We’d like to offer more beginner blues/bootcamp lessons before our lessons. If you’re interested, you would be an assistant instructor a few times and then be paired up with one of our experienced instructors for a few lessons. Eventually you’d be in the roster of beginner blues instructors for MCB. This helps free up other instructors to offer more intermediate and advanced lessons. If we are at an event where we take money, then we try to pay our instructors for their time.

Meet/Greeters and Helpers for Socials:
At some of our socials we take money at the door. We can use some people who can take money and keep track of attendees. Additionally we can use help at our larger socials with setting up and taking down. You would get into the social for free.

Venue Coordinator:
We have great relationships with many of our regular venues. Scheduling dates at these venues is fairly easy and usually done all through email. Sometimes help with this is needed.


If you’re interested in becoming more involved, let us know!

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